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Engine Diagnostic 

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Your engine warning light is one of the most important on board diagnostic indicators in your vehicle.

When it’s activated that means there is a definite problem and it should not be ignored! The professionals at Amazing Automotive are well versed in all aspects
of engine diagnostic. Making an appointment to bring in your vehicle as soon as possible will definitely save you money and aggravation.

The engine computer/engine control unit is the main computer in your vehicle and most of the other computers in your vehicle report problems to it. An engine warning light can come on for many reasons. For instance the transmission control unit can detect a problem in the transmission and trigger the engine light. It’s necessary to have your engine light checked with our top of the line diagnostic equipment.

Diagnosing the problem early will prevent future problems down the line, including engine failure that can leave you stranded on the side of the road or highway.

Our diagnostic equipment and software can check your vehicles entire computer and electrical systems diagnosing any faults before they become larger issues.

We can also upgrade your vehicles software and download the latest version just like the dealer can. Whether it’s your family minivan, sports car, daily driver, work vehicle, or your off-road vehicle, we do it all.

We also offer High Performance software upgrades and programs as well as
programs designed to increase your vehicle’s fuel mileage.

When we have determined the problem, we will discuss it with you and offer the
best solution to resolve it.

At Amazing Automotive and Transmissions we take your vehicle and your
safety seriously. We don’t play games with you. We pride ourselves on being a

“place you can trust”. We want to build long lasting relationships, so we aim
high for your confidence and satisfaction.

Be Sure to Check Out Our Other Diagnostic Services.

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