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Springs Shocks & Struts 

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All Vehicles wear down over time and require repairs. Suspension bears the brunt of the road impact on your vehicle. It also means that damage or wear in any part of your vehicle's suspension will affect its performance and handling. This stress will cause more serious problems and will affect your wheel bearings, tires, and steering components as well. The longer you wait the worse it gets. Save yourself the trouble and come in to see us.


We provide complete steering and suspension diagnosis, replacement
and upgrades.

We offer complete repair and custom springs for your heavy-duty vans, SUVs, and all variety of trucks. As an essential part of your suspension, they help distribute your vehicles’s weight evenly across all four corners of your car, truck, van, pick up truck, SUV, or special usage vehicle.

For a fleet of trucks, you’re going to need some real upgrades and repairs on your springs. Our team of skilled mechanics can troubleshoot and find the best solution for your needs.

Come to Amazing Automotive and you’ll leave confident in your car or truck’s handling.

Shock absorbers absorb the impact of various road surfaces. Amazing Automotive can upgrade your shocks to your specific needs, whether you’re driving your SUV, monster truck, off-roading, racing or just want a smoother ride for the family.

With matched and upgraded shock absorbers, your vehicle will ride smoother and be able to absorb far greater impact than your vehicle was originally designed to handle.

Not only will your vehicle handle better, but it will be able to perform at a much higher level. This will help increase the life of your vehicle’s frame, suspension, wheels and tires. Call us to set up an appointment to upgrade your shocks.

As a major part of your suspension, your struts absorb over 80% of the road impact. Struts are one of the key proponents that provide support for the weight of your vehicle and need to be checked at every service increment.

Amazing Automotive will determine and diagnose your suspension needs and upgrade your vehicle suspension system. Call us to make an appointment.

We will ensure you are 100% satisfied with your suspension upgrade or

repair that you depend on.

Be Sure to Check Out Our Other Upgrade Services.

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