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Transmission System Upgrades

Here at Amazing Automotive, we have a special love for
high-performance vehicles. We understand everyone’s need for speed. We take pride in giving our customers the ability
to achieve that desire.

That’s why we offer custom high performance Transmission upgrades.

Here at Amazing Transmissions we specialize in High Performance Transmission upgrades. We design the upgrades to your transmission to make it much stronger and ultimately much more functional eliminating the Factory Deficiencies it came with when it was new. This is very popular with our performance vehicle community people who increase the horse power and torque of their engines in order to make their vehicles faster and perform much better than the way the vehicle was originally designed to.


Just call us up and let us know what you have done to your vehicle or what you want to do to increase its performance and we will e-mail you a Spec form to  ll out that will list all the engine upgrades you have done or what your special usage is and we will design your custom Transmission upgrade exactly for your needs.

We then Custom build the torque converter to match and enhance all your upgrades so you have a solid drivetrain that you can depend on. We calculate the correct stall speed for your vehicle’s weight to horsepower ratio and find the sweet spot.

We will help you achieve the ultimate high performance you desire. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you leave our shop driving off in the vehicle the way you wanted it….!

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