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Valve Body Upgrades

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Your valve body is the main distribution system of your transmission. Like the arteries and veins in your body it controls the flow of transmission fluid and pressures to the corresponding passages which direct fluid to each portion of the transmission in order for it to shift into each gear smoothly and flawlessly. A valve body that is getting worn and thus weaker will cause the forward gears and reverse gears “Drums” to be starved for fluid and that causes excessive wear quickly.

Here at Amazing Transmissions we specialize in upgrading your valve body to make it much more functional eliminating the Factory Deficiencies it came with when it was new. This is very popular with our performance vehicle community people who increase the horse power and torque of their engines in order to make their vehicles faster and perform much better than the way the vehicle was originally designed to.

Just call us up and let us know what you have done to your vehicle or what you want to do to increase its performance and we will e-mail you a Spec form to fill out. Then we will design your custom valve body upgrade
exactly for your needs.


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